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Homework Help: Can't seem to match final answer

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    Can't seem to match final answer!!

    If 20.00 ml of a 0.958 mol dm-3 solution of H2SO4 is titrated with a 0.735 mol dm-3 solution of KOH, what volume is required to reach the equivalence point?
    (a) 7.0 ml
    (b) 10.9 ml
    (c) 13.0 ml
    (d) 17.5 ml
    (e) 26.1 ml.
    The answer is said to be C. but when i do it, with the correct ratios of 1:2, i keep getting a final of 52ml.
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    No, I believe C is right.
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    A problem statement that does not specify which "equivalence point" for polyprotic acids does not inspire confidence in text, instructor, or teaching assistants. That said, you're going to have to take it to a "live face" rather than the computer. You'll want to double check the problem statement for "dyslexing" of acid, base, volumes, and concentrations. Grad students are lazy, have always been, and always will be regarding the "freshening" of problem sets to defeat frat files --- this looks to be the case here.

    You are correct for what you've posted as a problem statement and a "complete" neutralization.
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