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Homework Help: Can't simplify this fraction

  1. Oct 6, 2008 #1
    Fraction is:


    and it's meant to go to:


    I can't make it look like it needs to. I tried splitting it up but that goes nowhere.

    What other strategies are there for simplifying fractions like this?

    Thanks for any help.
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  3. Oct 6, 2008 #2


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    [tex]1-e^{-x} = -e^{-x}(...)[/tex]
  4. Oct 6, 2008 #3
    [tex] 1 - e^{-x} = -e^{-x} + 1 [/tex]

    ? Still don't get it sorry...
  5. Oct 6, 2008 #4


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    1-e^{-x} = -e^{-x}(... - 1)
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    What do you get when you multiply both the numerator and the denominator by [itex]-e^{-x}[/itex]?
  7. Oct 6, 2008 #6


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    Or multiply numerator and denominator by the "conjugate", 1+ e-x.
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