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Can't watch youtube vids , Help

  1. Jan 12, 2010 #1
    When I go to you tube to watch videos it says that I either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player.
    But I have met both of those requirements and it still wont let me watch videos .
    Does anyone know how to fix this or have any ideas ? Anything would be appreciated .
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    What are you using ? Can you describe your system ?
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    don't waste your time looking all over the place for where JavaScript is supposed to be
    and whether it's enabled or not. I can tell you with certainty that your JavaScript is "on".

    And don't bother trying to download and reinstall the "latest Flash" over and over again.
    You will get absolutely nowhere doing that because that's really adding to the problem.

    There can really be only 3 possibilities:
    1) something is wrong with YouTube
    2) something is wrong with your cache
    3) something is wrong with your Flash

    1) YOUTUBE
    Your problem may fix itself within a couple hours, or by the
    next day, because YouTube often "shuts down" a bunch of
    their own servers every single day without warning anybody,
    in order to update all kinds of stuff. During those occasions,
    it's really YouTube's data transmissions of "Java" or "Flash"
    that are poor -- not your reception of it.

    2) CACHE
    If the following day your YouTube is still stuck and showing
    you those awful "JavaScript" and "Flash Player" messages,
    it's possible that your sub-directories of "temporary internet
    files" and "cache" memory are full, and can't take anymore.
    This typically results in videos being totally unable to buffer
    and make it onto your computer screen.

    "Temporary internet files" are 1000s of tiny bits of websites
    permanently put on your computer's hard-drive. They'll stay
    there forever and ever, gradually plugging up your computer
    much like hair slowly clogs a sink drain, until you get rid of
    them once and for all (or at least everytime things go awry).

    Because your computer now has such little space in which
    to "cache" a video, YouTube will mistakenly think that your
    JavaScript is off or that your Flash player (unable to absorb
    any more videos) is old -- meaning Flash 7 or older.

    The solution to all that is to exit YouTube (but not your web
    browser), then clear your "cache" of all its "TIFs", "cookies"
    and "history". (See below.) After that, shutdown and reboot.

    3) FLASH
    Nothing about watching YouTube has really changed in the
    past 2 years. (Technically, you could still even use Flash 8
    if you wanted to.) It looks like the newest Flash players are
    causing many YouTubers a whole lot of grief, especially all
    8 variations of version 10.

    It's absolutely nuts that there's 10.0.525, 10.1.218, 10.2.26,
    10.2.54, 10.12.10, 10.12.36, 10.15.3 and 10.22.87. Usually
    most updates are good for only 1 thing:...software conflicts.
    I have never strayed away from 9.47, and there are a bunch
    of "flashers" who still live by 9.45. Think of those 2 Flashes
    like Windows XP compared to Vista. Please have a look at
    the "Asker's" response to this other "Best Answer" of mine:
    If that seems interesting to you, here is the appropriate link:

    Note 1: if you've got Google Web Accelerator or something
    similar to it...dump it, burn it, trash it, disable it, uninstall it,
    -- do everything you can to get rid of it. GWA conflicts with
    YouTube. Clicking "Don't Accelerate This Website" will not
    help you whatsoever. Also, most "Messenger" applications
    have a way of mucking up YouTube.

    Note 2: longer videos may require "Flash" and "Shockwave"
    in order to play properly.

    Note 3: a very odd fix that once worked for me was altering
    the URL from "www.youtube.com" to simply "youtube.com"
    (or you could even try "ca.youtube.com").

    Note 4: there's always the strange possibility that you may
    have gone through the whole process of downloading Flash,
    BUT DID YOU ACTUALLY INSTALL IT? If you have Firefox,
    did you "enable" the Flash "add-on"?

    I hope that my information proves to be quite helpful to you.

    Internet Explorer 6:
    → Tools → Internet Options
    → Delete Cookies → OK
    → Delete Files → OK
    → Clear History → Yes
    → OK

    Internet Explorer 7:
    → Tools → Internet Options → Delete...
    → Delete files → Yes
    → Delete cookies → OK
    → Delete history → OK
    → Close (browsing history window)
    → OK

    Mozilla Firefox
    → Tools → Clear Private Data
    [x] Browsing History
    [x] Download History
    [x] Saved Form and Search History
    [x] Cache
    [x] Cookies
    → Clear Private Data Now
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    thank-you very much it worked .
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    If anyone else stumbles on this thread days/months/years from now. Note that I have had problems on a 64-bit machine using one version of internet explorer or the other. It seems that the normal version works fine while the 64bit version does not.

    It may be our fantastic IT guys, but just a note.
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    This is copied and pasted from a number of websites. I've seen it from Yahoo Answers to some jewelry site. You should still cite your source when you do this.
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    so wat
    at least i helped him!
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    So it isn't plagiarism.
  10. Jan 13, 2010 #9
    It's also for your benefit. If you don't acknowledge your sources whenever you post something someone else wrote, as you have posted above, it would typically be thought to be your work. But when it's learned that you didn't write something you posted, people will generally not take you as seriously, and in some cases may outright ignore you.

    Just make it a habit to include a link to anything you "borrow." People will still be as thankful for your assistance and would be just as likely to turn to you for help.
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