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Cantilever beam theory

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    Can anyone please help? See link for sketch and calculations.

    I have a M30 x 150 long stainless steel stud fully welded to a base plate that is under a load of 12.5 ton = 122583 N.

    Using Cantilever beam theory I have produced two different sets of calculations using point load and UDL to see a comparison between the results.

    Firstly can you please advise I have calculated these correctly?

    Secondly, I have calculated the maximum bending moment to be -17774.5 Nm, How do I calculate what the maximum allowable bending moment for the M30 x 150 stud size?

    Also for the maximum deflection and slop results, how can I calculate the maximum allowable deflection and slop?
    I’m also unsure if the slop calculation is necessary for what I am trying to do which is to make sure the stud can withstand the load.

    I’m a first year apprentice in mechanical engineering and it’s in my own interest to learn all this kind of thing because I have an opportunity to learn FEA later in the year.

    Please help
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