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Homework Help: Cantilever help.

  1. Mar 6, 2006 #1
    ok... i need someones help! for a project, a group of us had to build a cantilever, and write a paper. we are at the paper writing stage, and i got shafted with the hard part. which of course i dont know how to do. physics isnt my forte. here is what it says right off of the rubric:

    *Description of the building and testing process including: (i already wrote out the description, its the math part i have no clue on what to do)
    -testing data in a chart; force, block area, length, change in length.
    - stress, strain, elastic modulus, and force calculations
    - stress-strain-fracture graph

    if anyone could help me out tonight (the paper is due tomorrow~ procrastination is my middle name :rolleyes: ) that would be so fantastic!!!!
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