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Cantilever Help

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    Cantilever Help!!


    I'm trying to do some work on a cantilever beam with UDL and load on the end. Is there anybody who could give me a hand because im really struggling.

    Many thanks

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    What exactly are you wanting help with?
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    a rectangular beam of width 100mm and depth 200mm and 1.5m long has a 3kN load at the unsupported end and the beam is made of a material weighing 20kN/m^3.

    i need to calculate the UDL and the support reactions
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    Well, this is homework. We do not provide answers. You need to show some kind of an attempt. What have you come up with so far? Have you seen beam diagrams?
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    sorry i didnt mean it to seem like homework, up to now i have only worked with one dimensional beams and never with 3 dimensional and just wondered how do u start. I think i can work everything else out once i know how i work out the UDL. I need to draw shear force and bending moment diagrams but im ok with them.
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    Find the volume of the beam. You are given the weight / m^3.
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    Determining the distributed load due to the weight is really the only thing you'll use the 3rd dimension for in this case. Like was already mentioned, find the volume of the beam and and then multiply that by your weight per unit volume number. That will give you the total weight. Once you get that, I'd simply use a 2D beam to do the analysis.
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