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Cantilever weight

  1. Aug 11, 2010 #1
    Hi! i am building a shed of color coated sheets The pillars are 45 ft high 18 inch in square. There are four pillars on each side at distance of 20 ft and the height from center of shed is 50 ft. The truss is hoew truss and is 64 ft in length.
    On the front side I could not raise pillars due to less space and parking problems for vehicles because of foundation. So I extended the channels on the roof by 10ft but now the problem is that how am I suppose to give support to these channel and the vertical channels attached to them. The shed is to be covered in the front also from height 20ft onwards for easy access to trailors. I am planning for a cantilever beam on front pillars and then joining them by box made from joining two channels to provide support for vertical channels. Please help if there is any other option.

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