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Homework Help: Cantor Expansion Addition algorithm?

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    Could someone help me and write an algorithm to add 2 Cantor expansions. The algorithm to get a decimal number to cantor expansion is:

    procedure decimal-to-cantor(x: positive integer)
    n := 1
    y := x fy is a temporary variable used so that
    this procedure won't destroy the original value of x.g
    while y 6= 0
    an := y mod (n+1)
    y := (y-an )/(n+1)
    n := n + 1
    f The expansion for x will be an n! + an−1 (n-1)! + : : : + a22! + a1 . g

    Now i just need to figure out how to add 2 cantor expansion numbers together to get one. Someone help please!
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    How come no one can help me ? =/
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    Well, I can't because I've never heard of a Cantor expansion before (at least not by that name).
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