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Caos and nuclear physics

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    Hi there!
    I was wondering if Caos-theory is good to know/master in nuclear physics. Do you guys feel that your studies of caos have been useful? (if you have studied it) And for you who hasn´t study caos, do you feel that it would be good if you had studied caos theory?

    Stay cool
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    Hey there! Since chaos theory is applied almost everywhere, from particle accelerators to biology, from economics to classical mechanics, I suggest that you should study the chaos theory, at least at an introductory level.

    The applications of non linear dynamics are unlimited, since most natural phenomena are non linear, and our central theories -like QM- are only very very very good approximations, in many cases.

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    Okay I see! Thanks for the tip, I had/have a feeling that it can be useful.

    This is a description of the course:

    http://www.selma.uu.se/publik/main?AF=0600&funktion=kplvisn&kplanid=12370&sprak=Engelska [Broken]
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