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Homework Help: Capacitance and Charge

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    [SOLVED] Capacitance and Charge

    2 conducting spheres, one of diameter .400m and the other of diameter 1.00m, are separated by a distance large compared to the diameter. The spheres are connected by a wire and the system charged to a total of 7.00x10E-6C (total charge of system). How is the charge distributed between the spheres? (ignore any charge on the wire)

    Since the capacitance for each sphere is constant and independent of their charge, I was thinking of using that...just that: C = r/ke for each sphere. Also, C = Q/DV, DV as deltaV. The one thing that I keep getting messed up with is that the electric potential of a sphere changes in respect to charge...so I'm not exactly sure what I can do at that point.
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    When two conductors are joined by wire, which quantity becomes equal on both of them? (Charge will flow until that thing becomes equal on both.)
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    heh...they become equipotential...solved it, thanks.
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