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Homework Help: Capacitance and Inductance.

  1. Feb 28, 2005 #1
    The variable capacitor in the tuner of an AM radio has capacitance of 1800pF when the radio is tuned to a station at 550 kHz. a) What must be the capacitance for a station at 1600 kHz?

    I found the frequency first and then am I supposed to setup the 1600 equal to the frequency to find the capitance.

    f = f = w / 2π = 1 / (2 π √ LC )

    550000 Hz = 1 / (2 π √L * 1.8E-9 Hz)

    = H

    Do I just use algebra to isolate for L and then use my new inductance to my find my new C.

    Am I going to need to use my period? None of these methods seem to be working..
    T = 1/f

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    This is what I would do given the information.

    What are you getting? What is the right answer I am getting. [itex]2.12*10^{-4}\ F[/itex]
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