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Homework Help: Capacitance do I have the totally wrong values/equation or am I converting wrong?

  1. Feb 5, 2009 #1
    the problem is:

    To make a parallel plate capacitor, you have available two flat plates of aluminum (area = 190 cm2), a sheet of paper (thickness = 0.10 mm, κ = 3.5), a sheet of glass (thickness = 2.0 mm, κ. = 7.0), and a slab of paraffin (thickness = 10.0 mm, κ = 2.0). Find each's capacitance.

    my answers are:

    5.885E-7 farads for paper
    5.885E-8 farads for glass
    3.363E-9 farads for paraffin

    ...now the question asks to enter the largest capacitance possible, of the three, in nF and the smallest in pF...

    -smallest= 3363 pF (paraffin)
    -largest= 588.5 nF (paper)

    am i right with my values and just converting wrong or am i totally off... i converted all the values to meters before plugging them in to the equation below:

    *****here is the equation i am using*****

    (capacitance) = ((epsilon not)x(A)x(k)) / (d=thickness?)
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