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Capacitance Meter Help

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    Not sure where I was supposed to post this; but I think here it will hopefully get the attention of someone who can help me.

    I am working on a project where I have to measure capacitance very accurately. I have been given a: ASL MODEL 1055 MANUAL DISPLACEMENT METER. But I've been, along with a colleague, ploughing through the circuit diagrams and instruction manual but cannot find out how to use the device to measure the capacitance of anything :confused:

    I was hoping that someone, somewhere can send me something to help.

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    Can you post a link to a soft copy of that manual (like at the manufacturer's website)? I tried google, but no luck with a quick search.
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    Maybe I am missing something, but why are you trying to use a displacement meter to measure capacitance? AFAIK displacement meters are used to measure changes in length (i.e. displacement)
    I know there are capacitive displacement meters, but I am not sure there is an easy way to use one to actually measure capacitance.

    Generally speaking, if you need measure capacitance accurately you should use a capacitance bridge.
    However, an ordinary benchtop LCR meter will probably be accurate enough in most applications.
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    Sorry, I haven't got back to you guys sooner; was a hectic day yesterday. I found someone in the University who knew how to use the equipment. It was wired wrong for measuring capacitance because the guys from the super-conducting labs had hold of it lol.

    As for the instruction manual, the thing is soo old the circuit diagrams are hand drawn :tongue2:. But it measures capacitance to [itex]1 x 10^{-7} pF[/itex] (OMG). I need it accurate because I'm going to investigate a method of couting atoms between two metal plates (in a vacuum container) with various gases.

    Thanks for the response though guys.
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    Yeah, we tried going onto the manufacturers website for a better copy of the manual, but they don't even list the product we're using.
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