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Capacitive Pressure Transducer

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    I'm using a http://www.setra.com/ProductDetails/264_HVAC.htm" to measure pressure differences in a water manometer. However, I am getting outputs in voltage using a voltmeter and want to know how to convert these voltages to pressure in mm H2O.
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    Your instrument will output a signal between 0 - 5 VDC.

    The span may be between 0.1 inwc to 100 inwc. This should be listed on the nameplate.

    The instrument will output the maximum span value at 5 VDC and linear values in between.

    For example, suppose it is spanned to 100 inwc. The output will look like:

    Instrument Output, Differential Pressure
    0 VDC, 0 inwc
    2.5 VDC, 50 inwc
    5 VDC, 100 inwc

    Sometimes, if a differential pressure instrument is used for flow rate, there will be a square root function included. Double check, but I did not see this.
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    I figured it out.

    Thanks for the reply.
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