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Capacitive sensing surface

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    Hello Physics Forums users,

    I have a really good idea and I was curious on the level of difficulty creating the circuitry for a Capacitive sensing surface would be. I'm a computer programmer and i have the resources to creating the drivers and touch software. I've been asking my college buddies if they know any EE, but I dont know any and school is out for summer. I've seen plenty of DIY, yet, I dont understand the EE blueprints. Anyone help me on this.

    I'm trying to create a surface that could go into a computer USB and control the mouse with Capacitive Sensing(simlar to a trackpad or Touch Screen smartphone.)
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    Yes i plan to use the win7 and apple drivers to control mulitouch.
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    Like a Wacom touch pad / tablet?

    I used to see stand-alone track pads, and had thought they'd gone the way of the dodo, but it looks like you can still find them:

    You can get an overview of various touch technologies here (if you didn't already know):

    Unfortunately, most will probably require some degree of custom engineering (i.e. no plug and play solutions, aside from the finished products mentioned above). And probably a little more than just simple black box assembly (I don't mean that pejoratively: a little bit of knowledge, and the right black boxes--ICs--and you can go a long ways!)
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    Thanks you all so much for the quick responses,

    No not like a wacom tablet, but this technology http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capacitive_sensing" [Broken].

    My idea is actually in the manufacturing of this technology. I know it will require some custom engineering. And I'll hire someone for it. I just have a few questions, so i can go in with confidence (or not go in at all).

    Do you know of any Insulators that are flexible & transparent?


    I guess these are very inexpensive and very reliable; however, i dont know if this is what i need.

    In my head i see: insulator, conductor, sensor, USB to computer... I know i'm missing something, any ideas?

    Lastly, Thank you guys so much for helping a nerb (nerd & noob) like me. Any support on this topic is greatly appreciated.
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