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Homework Help: Capacitor as phase shifter

  1. Dec 30, 2009 #1
    hi ..
    I want a full explaination about using the capacitor as phase shifter for AC voltage as I don't know any thing about this application of the capacitor.
    pleasssssssssssssssse help me .
    thanks in advance.....
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    With a capacitor its charge builds faster with higher voltage, and as charge builds the circuit's current decreases, so as the voltage increases the current decreases, then as the voltage decreases vise versa happens so now the voltage and current are offset. The original currents was in-phase with the voltage so when the current gets out of phase with the voltage the two currents are now out of phase.
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    Wikipedia has the formula for phase shift half way down.

    R = Resistance
    C = Capicatance
    w = Frequency.
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