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Capacitor circuits

  1. Jan 31, 2012 #1
    Not sure If I posted this is the correct place -Im new
    hi, I am working on a college assignment. I'm on a day release program and unfortunately I missed the day where we covered this part. Please could someone help me?

    The questions I need to answer are:

    a) For each capacitor shown in figure 12 determine the charge, energy stored and voltage across EACH capacitor.

    Figure 12 is:

    200V DC series circuit with 3 capacitors C1 = 4 μF C2= 8 μF C3 = 10 μF

    b) (same question different diagram)

    Figure 13 is:

    100v rail with two capacitors in parallel.
    C1 = 12 μF
    C2 = 2 μF

    I have no Idea even on where to start.

    If someone could help me out here I would be very great full, When I say help me out, I dont mean tell me the answers, more tell me how to find the answers.


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  3. Jan 31, 2012 #2
    ifyou have 3 capacitors in series do you know how to calculate the combined capacitance? (I got 2.1μF)
    Can you then calaculate the charge?
    Do you know how charge is distributed amongst capacitors in series?
    Hope this gets you going
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