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Capacitor/Gaurd ring

  1. Feb 20, 2009 #1
    am working with annular capacitors

    one plate is at +'ve potential , other at -'ve , i have guard ring for both the plates , i have connected the guard ring to ground, capacitance is not varying much cause of external disturbances.

    now what happens to the capacitance ? will it increase or decrease
    as compared to the capacitance when i didn't have any guard ring

    :bugeye:i observed that the capacitance is less when i have the guard ring surrounding capacitance plates .

    :surprisedwhich i think is counter intuitive as the -ve charge will accumulate on guard ring surrounding +ve plate , and will make the plate more positive for the same supplied potential C=Q/V

    :redface:some body please help me out as soon as possible
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