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Capacitor measure

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    Hi all, I need to find a way to measure the capacitance of a mems parallel plate capacitor, can anyone tell me some help on this? The professor suggested a ring oscillator, can someone tell me how can a ring oscillator measure capacitance? I don't have much background on circuit parts, so I appreciate any help

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    Do you have a rough idea about what kind of value you would expect? Precision?
    And at what frequency do you want to measure C?
    If you are lucky and ordinary capacitor bridge will work, or even an LCR meter.
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    MEMS caps are tiny, right? You will need to compensate for the inductance and capacitance of your measuring circuit. Are you going to put the circuit on the IC with the MEMS cap?

    http://www.eecs.berkeley.edu/~boser/pdf/capacitor.pdf [Broken]
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