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Capacitor question

  1. Nov 24, 2007 #1
    Would I blow a fuse if I put a large capacitor across the outlet of my house?
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    We are waiting with baited breath!

    Presumably, you have AC. What does the C do in a circuit?
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    charges up right? but what happens when it's in AC?
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    What does AC mean..alternating current....that means the current changes direction with time which means that..the capacitor should charge in one direction and discharge in the other
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    The capacitor has a reactance Rc to AC, which is pretty much similar to resistance in DC.

    Rc = I/wC, where w = 2(pi)f. In analogy with DC, V = I*Rc => I = 2(pi)VfC, where V and I are actually the RMS values. V and f are set by the power companies, and you can't do anything about them.

    By making C high, you can increase I. To blow a fuse, you need around 5 A of current. Now do the math for what C you need.

    SO, when are you planning to do it?
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