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Homework Help: Capacitor stores what?

  1. Oct 3, 2007 #1
    Since the net charge on a capacitor is zero, what does the capacitor store then? Is it electric potential?
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    The net charge on a capacitor is zero?

    [tex]Q_{Charge} = C_{Capacitance}*V_{Voltage}[/tex]

    The confusion probably spouts from the fact that the capacitor stores equal and opposite charge on either plate, but the potential difference is what causes a movement of charge from one plate to another.

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    yes, since the capacitor stores equal and opposite charge, its net charge is zero... which is why I'm wondering what the capacitor stores? I'm guessing it's storing potential
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    There is an electric field between the plates. The capacitor stores energy in the electric field.
    In the same way, a current through an inductor produces a magnetic field. The inductor stores energy in this field.
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