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Capacitors in Series

  1. Jul 15, 2006 #1

    When capacitors are connected in series then why charge remains same on each capacitor and why voltage differs on each capacitor?


    Rizwan Khalil
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    Doc Al

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    Charge doesn't come out of nowhere--and it doesn't flow across the gap. So the + charge on one side of capacitor 1 must be balanced by an equal - charge on the adjacent side of the capacitor 2. (The net charge on the capacitor is zero; and the net charge on the two plates connected by the wire is also zero.)

    As far as voltage goes, how does voltage depend on Q and C?
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    But why Q differs in parallel combinations of capacitors?
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    Doc Al

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    In that case the voltage is the same, but the total Q is shared among all the parallel capacitors. Each gets a portion according to V and C.
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