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Capacitors - problem w/ diagram

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Hello, I was hoping to get some help with this problem..

Find the equivalent capitance between points a and b for
the group of capacitors connected as shown in the following
figure if C1=5.00µF, C2=10.00µF, and C3=2.00µF.

I appreciate the assistance. :smile:

[diagram attached]



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Please post physics homework/exam-type problems in the HOMEWORK section.



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The lower portion of your diagram is ambiguous. It shows a wire shorting the capacitor leads, but I doubt that is what the problem intended. Show us how you think the problem should be done. What is the equivalent capacitance of capacitors in series, or capacitors in parallel?



First you calculate the capacitance of the series connection of [tex]C_1[/tex] and [tex]C_2[/tex]. Call it [tex]C_{12}[/tex].
The capacitance of the upper portion of the circuit is given by the parallel connection of [tex]C_{12}[/tex], [tex]C_3[/tex] and [tex]C_{12}[/tex].
The two [tex]C_2[/tex] capacitances of the lower part are short-circuited, so the overall circuit capacitance is the value of the upper part.

Doc Al

I merged the duplicate thread you created in EE with this one. Please do not double post!
Thanks SGT

Thank you SGT for giving me useful help to the problem..

Btw, it's necessary to get a wider array of people that
may be of some assistance -- THUS the need to post
in different rooms... alright

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