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    Should the word king be capitalized. I am writing a monolouge for "A man for all seasons" and I have to refer to king henry but I don't know when I a call him "the king" if it should be in capitals or not.
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    I'd go with "the King".
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    I believe the word is capitalized when used in reference to a specific king, e.g. King Henry, because it is rightfully that person's title. When used in reference to kings in general, e.g. the king of England, it need not be capitalized.

    - Warren
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    Even in chroot's example I'd capitalize in the following context : " Hail, the King of England !" but perhaps not in this context : "The king of England must never travel without his bodyguards."

    The first example uses capitalization because it refers to a specific king. So, I'd say you should capitalize it too. (ie : I concur with devious and chroot)
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