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Capitializing the java String?

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    Like this is my program to change the words around in order. Like First two words go to the back. What I am having trouble is, How do I capitalize the first at the results section after
    the words order have changed??
    This is my program.

    import java.util. Scanner;

    public class Starwars{
    public static void main (String[]args){

    //Declare Variables Section
    int length, position=0;
    String phrase, phrase2, phrase3;
    Scanner input= new Scanner(System.in);

    //Obtain Input From Section
    System.out.println ("Enter your phrase: ");
    phrase= input.nextLine();
    length= phrase.length();
    System.out.println (phrase);

    //Perform Calculations Section
    int i=0;
    int i2=0;

    while (i<length){

    if (phrase.substring(i,i+1).equals(" ")){
    if (i2==2){





    System.out.println ("Yoda: " + phrase2 + ", " + phrase3);

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    When you post code, please put [noparse]
    Code (Text):
    [/noparse] tags around it. I have done that for your code.
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    But can you help me please?
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