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Cap'n Nit Wit

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    I grew up in the Central California Coast region. In the little town of Cambria, there is a very interesting man who built a very interesting house. You can click on {most of} the pictures to enlarge them for better viewing. edit: There are more pages with pictures of the place if you go to the bottom of the page and click 'next'.

    http://www.centralcoasttourist.com/San_Luis_Obispo_CO/SLO_Area_Info/Cambria/Cambria_Features/NittWit/nitwit.html [Broken]

    I used to go up there and look at the house all of the time. A friend and I actually got to talk to him one day! He was out walking along the top 'deck', surveying his domain. Crazy as a loon. :rofl:

    It's cool that they opened the house to tours when he died. I can't wait to take one the next time I go home. :wink:
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    hmm, thats not far from here, interesting....
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