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Capping Internet Speed

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    I would like to cap the speed of some of the computers on my network.. I use a befsr41 Linksys router.. if anyone knows how to put a cap on specific IP's let me know.
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    Are you trying to prioritize the allocation of network resources? Is this why you want to set a cap on connection speed, so that the traffic generated by some lower-priority PCs doesn't affect higher-priority PCs?
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    Can't you just use a program like netlimiter? Just install it on each computer and then set the download/upload speeds for that computer.

    If that's what you want then here is the site:

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    The Question is: Why would you want to?

    Netlimiter, is shaping traffic per application (by the looks of things) so although you could use it and then throttle every single application on a PC, its not optimal, but is about as close as you can get to do this...

    There arent any network reasons to do what he wants so there wont be many products available to do this. Typically people implement QoS or CoS on a network per protocol/service and never a host.
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