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Capstone Project Idea

  1. Feb 18, 2012 #1
    This will be my capstone project for my BS in Computer Engineering...

    I would like to design an Electric Motorcycle which has the ability to interface with an Android based tablet. The ECU would be most likely an Arduino or ARM based processor which would output information to an Android Development board which then goes to the tablet. The tablet will display things like Speed, Battery Life, and Miles driven, If time allots i would like to enable the tablet to control the lights of the motorcycle. Does this seem like a worthwhile project? I intend to get my masters in electrical engineering and would love some honest feedback on this Idea...

    Benefits of this Project...
    1) Ive already got most of the parts/Design ready for the bike
    2) I have experience programming ARM processors as well as writing android applications
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    If you can afford the components and meet the schedule for completion, sure. You generally best accomplish projects that interest you.
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    Ive made a parts list and the budget my school has given me allows for it, with a fair amount to spare, i just wanted to hear other opinions to see if it was a worthwhile project or not
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