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Homework Help: Car acceleration

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    A 2.5 x 10^3 kg car os travelling due west at 30m/s when the brakes are applied, exerting a force of 5.0 x 10^3 [E]. What is the cars acceleration due to braking?

    umm I do not know how to do this but i do know Net Force = ma. Thus Fapp - Ffric = ma. How do you figure out the applied force so i can determine the acceleration help.
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    the applied force is the friction force.
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    ok the correct answer is 2.0 m/s. If there is no net force, how do you explain that
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    no. Fapplied = 5 x 10^3 N

    and there is no friction force. the force applied by the brakes is the only force.
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