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Car accident

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    A car is at rest , the driver let's off the brake and hits car in front, the cars were 5 feet apart prior. No damage is apparent, later, front car claims back chrome bumper has dent. Is there a formula to prove or disprove the required force to dent the chrome bumper? What other info would be required?
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    There's no formula since it depends on the strength of the bumper.

    Best way to fight this is to demand why it wasn't reported at time. If reported after leaving the accident, owner's case is greatly weakened. Well, unless you went to a collision reporting centre for assessment.
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    Could you find the force needed to dent a chrome bumper then proceed to calculate?
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    What make? What material? (It is only chrome-plated) What thickness? What curvature? What angle? There are a million unknown factors.
    Now you'd have to ask the same questions for the other car.
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    Hello all.

    I am in great need of info and have a great ignorance of physics. So I am turning to you, the masses. (no pun)

    Wife was hit by a car.

    Details: 4 years ago... Insurance company are being pricks.
    All paved lanes and dry conditions. 2 lanes going North and 2 lanes going South with a median in between.
    Wife was taking a left turn to head South, so she crossed to the median area and stopped then looked to the right (North) for any oncoming traffic so she could pull out safely. Her car was not in line East and West, but was facing more in a South-Southwesterly direction due to needing to turn left. Car ended up aligned in Southbound lane, so her car followed the curve of her steering and came to rest facing South from facing in a Southwesterly position

    Wife was at a stopped position. Vehicle driven Mercury Sable(3200 lbs.) Had seat belt on.

    The person who hit her from behind in a Corolla(2800 lbs.) Collided with the right rear bumper of the Sable and pushed it fully into the South bound lane. ~20 feet. No airbags were deployed. So the Corolla was travelling at 10 mph.

    Wife received disc injuries and permanent nerve damage and a 19% disability rating. State Farm has stated they are taking full responibility, but are offering $3,000 due to being "low impact". BS. Medical bills, MRIs, medications, etc. are WAY MORE!

    Summing up.

    Wife's head was at 90 degree angle from facing forward when impact occurred at 10 mph. Car receiving hit 3200 lbs. Car colliding into wife 2800 lbs. Moved receiving car about 20 feet in a curved motion in about 2 seconds.

    Can anyone or multiple people please actually give me the necessary info/answers.
    Lawyer meeting soon(again!)

    How many pounds of force was she hit with? Gs? Please help me. I do not want us to get taken advantage of/screwed by lawyers and insurance company anymore than we have already been.
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