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Car aerodynamics (?)

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    I'm no fluid dynamics/aerodynamics expert, but the uncovered headlights on the Maserati MC12 and the Ferrari FXX just irk me.... it just feels like having a plastic cover over them would be a better aerodynamic solution if not a cosmetic improvement. However the fact they're not there in the first place makes me believe they'd be hindering performance if they were there.

    Anyone able to explain to me why Ferrari/Maserati don't have headlight covers on these 2 ultra high performance cars?

    here are some links to see what I'm talking about if you are unfamiliar with these cars.
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    I don't know about the 2nd, more glaring, example. The close-ups of the first model are intriguing. It appears to me that the enclosure might be designed to deflect airflow past the opening. If so, it wouldn't hurt anything. Also, the lights are small enough that they might not make a noticeable difference with an engine like that providing the motivation.
    Thanks for the great pix. :cool:
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    The guys at ferrari have wind tunnels, soooo I dont think it was an omission on their part.
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    Most pictures of the Maserati that I've found do have headlight covers. All of the racing versions seem to. Maybe they're easy to remove, and some people think it looks better without them :confused:.
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    Hmmm you're probably right. And yeah now that I've checked all the MC12 Corsa pics I have do have headlight covers on em.

    For those interested there are hundreds of awesome HQ pics at http://www.jabbasworld.net/index.php just click on the 'Car Gallery' -> 'Ultimate Picture' board.
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    Digging around a little more, it looks like all of the racing versions come with headlight covers, but the the regular ones do not. Some guy decided to pay a company (Edo) 100k Euros to modify his MC12. That included the addition of headlight covers. They apparently sell these covers separately now.

    Maybe Maserati left the covers off to keep the car from going as fast as the Enzo :rolleyes:. I wouldn't be surprised with Ferrari's politics...
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