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Car amplifier mod

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    Hello, I am new to this site as well as to electrical theory. I recently took a second semester physics course and stumbled upon a great deal of curiosity in the electricity and magnetism portion of the class. I am taking a few courses pertaining to electricity&magnetism as well as engineering this coming semester, so I will try to apply what I learn to better understand the scenario, if even possible. With that being said, I just sold my car subwoofers but still have my amplifier. First off, I was wondering if it somehow could be used for purposes other than sound amplification and then I started to think about a transformer. My main question is this: Can a car amplifier be somehow used for other practical applications?
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    jim hardy

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    I needed a few watts of 60 hz three phase 150 volts for a tester.
    Wired a stereo amp to a step up transformer , handed it 60 hz from a 6v filament transformer, RC phase shifted one channel 60 degrees and inverted,.. Works great !
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    I have thought of this also. I am not surprised you utilized this Jim. :)
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    jim hardy

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    Thanks for the kind words. It was the heart of that gizmo in my avatar....
    i had a half dozen little 3 phase transformers custom made, can probably find the part number if you need a few.
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