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Car-bar energy

  1. Jul 23, 2004 #1
    If a cart is moving in the x-direction and has a bar (not a pedulum) attached to its center that will rotate, what are the terms of the kinetic energy? I'm having a hard time figuring out what the kinetic engery of the rotating+translating bar is. Can someone break it all down into each of the terms, please?
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    Since the bar is a rigid object(?), its kinetic energy may be written as:

    Here, we have:
    m-object's mass
    [tex]\vec{v}_{C.M}[/tex]-velocity of center of mass (C.M)
    [tex]\vec{\omega}[/tex]-rotational velocity of object
    [tex]\vec{L}_{C.M}[/tex]-angular momentum of object, computed relative yo C.M
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