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Homework Help: Car collision

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    A person who is properly constrained by an over-the-shoulder seat belt has a good chance of surviving a car collision if the deceleration does not exceed 30 "g's" (1.00 g = 9.80 m/s^2). Assuming uniform deceleration at this rate, calculate the distance over which the front end of the car must be designed to collapse if a crash brings the car to rest from 100km/h.

    I'm not sure how to get this problem started, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Acceleration is just change in speed divided by time.
    You probably want the equation v^2 = u^2 + 2 a s
    Where V is the final and u the intial speed, a is acceleration and s is distance.
    Be careful about the sign of the acceleration.
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