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B Car crash calculations

  1. Jul 20, 2016 #1
    Hi I am here asking for some help. I simply struggle with maths due to ahead injury sustained in a motor accident. I am trying to find out the forces that I suffered in the crash. I know from software forums people do not like doing other peoples homework, instead the goal is to help others learn how to do it. In this case I am asking if anyone can help work the figures for me?
    If anyone can here is the problem.

    I was travelling in a van and believe the speed was at least 30mph I hit a traffic light post that was so strong it hardly moved, it was the thicker type poles these use. The van caved in at the front about a foot but no airbag activated. The airbag was later found to be faulty. The van was a large Iveco it was the largest you can drive on Full UK car licence. In the back was 2 large steel crates of bottled water with 40 bottles in each crate holding 19 litres of water in each bottle. There were 3 extra bottles loose inside the back of the van. The crates were not strapped down but just sat on the plywood floor.

    It is the force of these crates slamming into the vehicle bulkhead behind the drivers seat that I am most interested in along with the forces I suffered with the van stopping suddenly into the traffic light. The bulkhead was made of steel but it was not that thick. I need to know within reason how hard those crates hit the bulkhead and with what force.

    So van travelling at 30mph
    Stopped suddenly - guestimate is 0.2 seconds impact time
    Crush of the van on impact less than 1 foot
    83 Water Bottles plus the weight of the crates, I will guess a total 60 pounds which is probably less.
    I weighed around 13 stone and was restrained in the crash by a seatbelt.

    The van stopped, the water crates smashed into the steel bulkhead behind me which held but the drivers seat was up against it and it jolted me forward. The seatbelt held. I suffered neck and back injuries but also a brain injury and I need to show the figures to prove this in a forthcoming tribunal.

    It is the forces that would cause my brain to move forward in the skull that I am ultimately looking for.

    As far as maths goes I can add up, take away and do some other stuff but these calculations are way above me so anyone that could help me would be much appreciated. Thanks Bill
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    Ask an expert. We cannot help with accident reconstructions here, (a) because you would have to investigate the actual damage and (b) there is no way to use "someone on the internet said so" as reference anywhere.
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