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Car Dents

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    Ok I need some help... I am trying to figure out if 130 pounds could make a dent in a car (I supposedly made 5 dents in the top of someones car and I want to make sure it is even possible). I got up on the car sat on the top and it caved in a little, after which I immediately got off. Is that enough to make 5 dents? I always thought even though it caved in it it popped right back so there would be no damage.

    This is kind of vauge I know.
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    It isn't about force (weight), but about pressure.

    But didn't you already answer the question in your question, since you admitted to denting the car.
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    By the way, if you dented someone's car you need to pay for the damage and not try to rationalize your way out of it.
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