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Car Electricity

  1. Sep 2, 2014 #1
    Hello, I have generally questions here, so I hope, that you will help me

    1. How can a moving car become positively charged?
    2. If I touch the door of a charged car, sometimes I get something like a shock. Why does it happen?

    I would appreciate it, if you will answer me.
    Thanks in advance
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    Here's a good long explanation of the effect with respect to your clothes and your car seat:


    There can also be a mechnism with an object moving through the air causing a buildup of static charge, but I think that effect only comes into play with much faster movement than a car through the air (like with helicopter rotor blades, where static buildup is a very serious problem).
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    There's also the possibility that it's your body that's charged and not the car.
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    I believe tyre manufacturers add carbon powder to their rubber compound to make it conductive so that any static charge soon leaks away to earth.
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