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Automotive Car front suspension design

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    Hi, I have a question concerning car front suspension geometry/design like the macPherson suspension.
    I would like to know the influence of geometrical factors in the suspension behaviour.
    The factors in which I'm interested are : spring/damper angle, spring/damper position relative to the wheel and lower control arm length.
    Which ones Influence the height of the car relative to the ground, the grip, and the stiffness of the suspension? How?
    Thank You.
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    The overall mounting of the suspension relative to the vehicles base frame and the spring primarily determine the vehicles ride height; and, the spring rate of the spring determines the suspension stiffness. The longer the spring with the same spring rate the higher the vehicle will ride.
    Beyond that, whole books have been written on the complexities of vehicle suspension design so you will be able to access much more information regarding the basics of this subject by doing a web search for "automobile suspension" and viewing the sites that will be listed.
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