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Car interfacing

  1. Oct 8, 2009 #1
    i have to interface the toyota corrola 2008 car with microcontroller using CAN. can any body tell me how and where to find out registers information and format. i mean e.g what is the mileage on odometer in binary format on dlc pins.
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    I would imagine that Toyota tries to keep that proprietary for monetary reasons. Have you tried searching on Toyota owners' performance forums?
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    CAN is specifically non proprietary (are at least a large component of it is). Any particular reason why you want to do this the hard way? there are cheap or freely available packages that can do this already....
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    On second reading - are you trying to read the mileage directly from the instrument cluster? if so - what berkeman said. If you just want to find the cars mileage - it's available from the ECU as diagnostic data.

    If you're trying the change the value - check you local laws. It's illegal to change the mileage in order to sell it here in the U.K. I'm sure other countries have similar laws.
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    For reading data, pretty much everything you'll need to get started is here:


    That gives you pinouts, links to the ISO standards, etc. It is a one-way link, used for reading diagnostic information out of the ECU (but not reprogramming it).
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    by the way, can u tell me what is that easy way. any web links...
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    "The easy way" is the link Mech_Engineer posted: there are lots of products that connect to the OBD port on a car and they are standardized. I use this one: http://www.scangauge.com/
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    but i have to make my own device. can any body tell me from where to get the binary data of dlc3 connector CAN bus. i have searched the internet but it was not successful
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    I was looking into building a controller for a dodge turbo that is controlled by canbus a while back, it was CANBUS J1939 protocol if I remember right. You can find out more http://www.SAE.org/standardsdev/groundvehicle/j1939a.htm" [Broken]
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