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Homework Help: Car journey physics homework

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    Homework problem....

    Please can you help me with this problem.
    I don't understand what its asking and I don't know where to begin :

    It says : A car travels at a speed of 50mph from point A to B.
    The distance travelled is 1200 km. How long does the journey take ?

    Thanks guys for any help !

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    Doc Al

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    They want you to find the travel time. Use Distance = Speed X Time. Beware of units.
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    1200 kilometers (km) × 0.621 = 745.2 miles (mi).
    distance=rate*time (in same units)

    [tex]\frac{745.2 miles}{50\frac{miles}{hour}} =[/tex]
    about 14.9 hours
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