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Car lanching project

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We have to make a car then make it go 10 meters using only a 2kg weight. no store bought cars, no moters, fuses, electricity, only allowed to use the force of the 2kg(no rubber bands, springs, etc.) We need ideas for a launching mechanism. can only be 1 cubic meter in size. IMPORTANT: must not go past 10 meters(we have a breaking mechanism in mind)

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One thing you may want to consider is rotational inertia. Sounds like you'd want to be able to start and stop quickly. So the wheels should be small and light.
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Thanx for the advice but what we really need is a way to launch our car. we basiclly have our car made already
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Can you use a string and pullies attached such that when you drop the mass the car moves then stops at the assembly?
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we can use string and pulleys but we cant keep the string atached to the car after it is launched. we havent figured out a good way to use it tho so suggestions would be welcomed
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Could you create a ramp and a gate? Release the gate and the car accelerates down the ramp. This would work well because you could angle it just right so that it goes about 10m. "Use 2kg" sounds to me like they're saying use gravity and inertia!
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althought that is a good idea i failed to mention that we need to get the car to go 10 meters as fast as possible
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stick some kind of spring between the car and the back ?

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