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Homework Help: Car on unbanked curve

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    I'm setting this problem up, but I'm now stuck.

    A car is safely negotiating an unbanked circular turn at a speed of 17m/s. The maximum static frictional force act on the tires. Suddenly a wet patch in the road reduces the maximum static friction force by a factor of three. If the car is to continue safely around the curve, to what speed must the driver slow the car?

    I made a free body diagram and came up with f net equations. I have fnetx=1/3usg=v^2/r. I have fnety=N-mg. For fnetx, I further get 3.267m/s^2us=v^2/r. And this is where I get stuck. I'm not sure what I do to find the speed without knowing the radius.
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    The magnitude of the initial frictional force satisfies:

    Afterwards, we have:

    By division, we get:
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