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Automotive Car parking lock

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    I have to understand how a parking lock described in a patent works, but I cannot really get it.
    The text is french, however, there is an online translation into English.

    The link to the patent is the following: http://worldwide.espacenet.com/publicationDetails/biblio?CC=FR&NR=2964925A1&KC=A1&FT=D&ND=3&date=20120323&DB=worldwide.espacenet.com&locale=en_EP

    On the left hand you can see the tab: Description. If u click on it, you get the french text. Above the text there is a button for the translation.

    The Figures are to be found in the tab "Mosaics".

    My basic question is in which state is the spring 22 in Fig. 1 and 2? I know it is shown to be compressed in Fig. 1, but I cannot really get how this mechanism works.

    Could please anyone give me a hand? I could also present my explanation or some introductory thinngs, but I d prefer not to influence you.

    Thanks a lot!
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    Welcome to PF!

    My guess is:

    In figure 1, spring 22 is in its normal unstretched state

    In figure 2, spring 22 is stretched as the mechanism (20) is pushed forward

    When the user action is ended, spring 22 will pull the mechanism back to its normal position.

    I found a text version of the original document and got google to translate it so it may help even though the translation leaves much to be desired:

    french was:

    Le frein de parc comporte : un organe de verrouillage (2) monté sur un arbre secondaire (1) d'une boite de vitesse commandée par un sélecteur de rapport (3) ayant des positions actives et une position neutre un loquet mobile (8) porté par une structure fixe (9) en regard de l'organe de verrouillage et rappelé de façon élastique vers une position écartée de l'organe de verrouillage un détecteur de position (7) du sélecteur de rapport (3) et un organe de commande automatique de parc (14) agissant sur le loquet (8) dans un sens de blocage de l'organe de verrouillage (2) lorsque le sélecteur de rapport est dans la position neutre.

    and english translations is:

    The parking brake has: a locking component (2) mounted on a secondary shaft (1) of a box of speed controlled by a selector of report (3) having the active positions and a neutral position a latch mobile (8) door by a fixed structure (9) next to the locking component and recalled elastically toward a position excluded from the locking component a position detector (7) of the gear selector (3) and a component of automatic control of park (14) acting on the latch (8) in a direction of locking of the locking component (2) when the gear selector is in the neutral position.

    The mechanisim numbers should match the diagrams of the french patent.
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