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Homework Help: Car physics

  1. Feb 2, 2004 #1
    I got to write a term project about "physics in Cars"
    I am a little bit short on material to write about

    I know that spoilers are about aerodynamics in cars
    plus there is air friction
    I know momentum is ýnvolved ýn safety(airbag safetybelt) and crashing
    I know frýctýon of the tires in the banks and turn

    can you tell me more
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    Physics in a car is a pretty borad topic

    I am sure your teacher wants you to narrow the focus down to say "physics of a car crash involving conservation of momentum" or something similar.

    try asking your teacher if he/she would like you to narrow your discussion down, otherwise, you will have a mishmash of minutia.
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    A basic Google search would have found all the information you need.

    This looks like a great resource!

    As for the spoiler, someone told me it was for weighing down the car's back so it doesn't go launch into the air during a street race, or at least stay stuck to the ground.

    Slapping on a heavy, ugly wing on top of your car's trunk is hardly aerodynamic. It can look pretty good if done right, but I highly doubt it is for anything besides "coolness."

    It's not like the car is going to take off into the air, and needs wings to keep it up.
  5. Feb 4, 2004 #4
    actualy the spoiler

    is sort of a reverse wing. it creates a negative lift force so tat the faster you go, the negative lift will counteract the lift force generated by the air flowing over the car and under the car.
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