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Car project

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    ok: so i got this project for physics, and we have permission to ask ANNYYYOONNE we want for ideas/help (that is..except our teacher)...and well, please help! we have to build a car that can travel a distance of 8-12 meters. it cannot be propelled by human, animal, or commerical propulsion. it must stop automatically. it cannot be tethered or controlled by remote control. it must fit in a 1 meter cube.
    purpose: on the day of testing, the teacher will pick 1 of 400 distances between 8 and 12 meters. we have 5 minutes to then configure our car and make it "go" and reach the distance. the car with the fastest time and distance closest to the mark wins.

    help. we dont know where to start. pleaasse help!
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    I'd do a windable rubber band car. Test it ahead of time to find out how many windings to go a range of distances.
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