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Car Show

  1. May 7, 2006 #1
    My friend is part of the Tuners club at school. They held a car show today. I thought there was going to be some crapy cars there, people with big mufflers on their civics and such. I'm happy to report that I was wrong! It was really good, I take my hat off for them. They got a local infinity club to come down, so there was around 15-20 G35's with different rims, 6-7 honda S2000's, 20-25 Mustangs (new), 2 corvettes (new), 2 mustangs (old school), 1 campus police car, 1 maryland state trooper police car, 10-15 Nissan 350z's, 1 Ferrari Testarossa (black) :!!) , 1 Lamborghini GALLARDO (silver) :!!), ~10 Doge neon's, ~10 Subaru wrx, 1 old school el-camino (black), bwm M3 (convertable), M5 (or possibly just a 5 series), 1 Accura NSX. 1 porsche carerra (1995ish). Made for a nice way to waste an hour. (I wish I had a digital camera :frown:)
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    why would anyone need a ferrari?
    why would anyone need an expensive car?
    why would anyone drive a car to get to a place 2-3 miles away, when one can take a bike or walk?
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    "You talk about things and nobody cares
    You're wearing other things that nobody wears"

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    What is wrong with boys these days? Every middle school boy is supposed to drool over nice cars.....at least that's what we all did back in the day. :rolleyes:

    expensive cars are about passion, not going from point a to point b. :uhh:
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    You're too human Cyrus. One can have a passion in knowledge, but really, where is the passion in cars?
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    Warning, step away from the book and experience life. At your age, you should be going to car shows, air shows, doing sports etc. Do you just sit at home reading all day long? It's called life, start living it my friend.
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    Oh Cyrus, I do biking everyday, and often play soccer. I went to a car show with my dad a few years ago and got bored after I realized that all those cars were pretty much the same. I spend much too much time on PF, though I like it. Enjoy your cars Cyrus :rofl: and if you're free, you may benefit me by providing answers to 3 above questions. Thanks, :rofl:
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    I already gave you an answer. :rolleyes:
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    I think you're confusing cars with girls.
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    It's applicable to both. :wink:

    (And you are confusing high school with middle school)
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    Try to be open minded here.

    Not everyone lives only 2-3 miles away from work. Not everyone owns an expensive car too.

    I don't drive anymore. I ride my bike to work and it's about maybe 8 miles away. I go to school probably like 25 miles away, but I take the bus for that.

    Should everyone do what I do? Probably not. I'm lucky enough to have Transit going city-to-city to go to school. Also, it's not convenient at all. It takes about an hour to get to school or a bit more, as opposed to 25 minutes by car. Also, today I wanted to bring home lots of groceries, but I couldn't because I don't have a car.

    Therefore, cars aren't only about going to point A and point B that are JUST two miles a part. It's about being a necessity to actually go to work and doing daily/weekly things. Of course, it's not necessary for most people though.

    Now, for expensive cars. It is simply BEAUTY! If you don't see it, don't bash it. I don't go around saying so-and-so painting sucks and is just a piece of junk hanging on the wall because I don't see the beauty in it. Some paintings are nice, but according to you it serves no purpose and we are better off to live without it.

    It's a hobby too.

    It's nice to see people getting really engaged in their hobby. It's part of the pleasures of life. It doesn't harm anyone.

    I collect coins, so is that pointless too?
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    I am amazed :surprised not with the cars ,but that you have a friend :rofl: :rofl:
  14. May 7, 2006 #13
    Go ride your scooter somewhere :grumpy:
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