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Car Suspension Explanation

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    Im trying to revise up on half suspension systems and I found this useful link. Their are 4 equations but I was wondering if someone could explain the equations for me (as it just tells you what they are without giving any understanding) especially equation 1.


    Thanks for any help
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    What is it exactly you don't understand about the equations? They are pretty clear. All four of the equations model the dynamics of the vehicle itself based on the suspension parameters and its positions. Keep in mind that this is only a simple 2-dimensional analysis and assumes the driver and passenger side suspension parameters and displacement are symmetrical.
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    Hi, thanks for replying.

    I suppose the real problem for me is why in eqwuation two is the coefficient '2' in both cases. You only have one spring, only have one dmaper on the left hand side - same for the right hand side, yet it shows 2 as the coeficient?
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    Because the model assumes symmetry. You have 2 tires in the front, and 2 tires in the back.
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    Ranger Mike

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    good start ! shows elementary working of simple suspension..many dynamic variables need to be addressed but good effort
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    studying the diagram, i think it was been discuss thoroughly. by the way i think the best person to understand that diagram aside from the mechncal engineer, i think it can be understand by auto repair shops mechanics. i guess.
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    i see that the horizontal distance is multiplied directly by the pitch angle... shouldnt there be some sort of trigonometry involved?
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