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Car tires

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    Is it true that there are metal wires in the tires of two wheelers where as car tires come with metal plates inside them?
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    google tyre/tire yes to wires esp radials [steel belts]

    no plates in normal tires
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    just explain a little as well. i'm also checking out on google.
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    tried on google and wikipedia. wikipedia doesn't have the required info in its article. google is giving all sorts of manufacturers. not the info i need. so need help from the forum people.
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    I don't know what you mean by metal plates, there are no metal plates inside a tyre. Car tyres will generally have a steel hoop (bead) to fix the rubber to the rim. They also have a flat 'belt' beneath the running surface, which is made from a woven steel or fabric mesh. This gives the tyre its shape, holds the sidewalls together, and widens the area over which the road load is spread.

    Don't be bitter about getting no help from "the forum people", you gave it less than 30 minutes before you gave up. I just checked on Google and had the answers I've given you in less than 30 seconds.
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    i'm sorry if you felt my language was bitter.

    i had been searching earlier and i was still confused. i always come here when i've looked around first, and i've never been disappointed.

    probably, the steel mesh was what was described to me by a class mate as steel plate.
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