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Car with huge spoiler

  1. Apr 26, 2005 #1
    Not to be outdone:
    http://www.matt-d.com/ghetto/spoiler.jpeg [Broken]

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    Looks neat, but why would anybody need a mobile diving platform? :confused:
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    You could put a mobile cheerleading squad on that thing. How long have you been driving that, hits?
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    i saw those on another forum, its rediculous
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    Ha Ha! It's made of wood! They actually braced it with what look to be 2x4s :rofl: As Comic Book Guy would say "Worst spoiler EVER!"
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    rest assured i was on the internet within minutes registering my discuss thoughout the world!!!!

    gotta love comic book guy....... its a disgraced to all cars out there..... believe or not they had a car show in Japan and its all those cars, thats where that pic came from, that show
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    What makes you think I drive it?

    I fly it.
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