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Car with infinite energy

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    just wondering, why havent i read about this yet?
    I know that they have a device that (once it has a kick start) it can generate more electricity than what is required to run it. so there is infinite electricity right there

    also there are certain basic models that demonstrate that mommentum can be conserved be continuous such as this: Newton's Cradle (look it up on google images, you'll know what im talking about)

    I hear about all these alternate resources for fuel but i never hear about magnetics and electromagnetics creating infinite energy so the car never needs to be refueled. Does anything like this actually exist? or is it being worked on anywhere? if not, do you think anything like this could work?
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    There is no such device, and no such thing as free unlimited energy. Period.
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    Perpetual motion is a violation of the second law of thermodynamics. There are plenty of really elegantly designed perpetual motion machines out there (search the net, you will find them) but somewhere along the line they all violate the second law.

    It cannot happen.
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    Even if you could store 500 kg of antimatter in your car, it is not unlimited free energy.

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    well i was thinking when u hold 2 magnets togeather with both the North ends they will always repel. there is an energy that repells those magnets apart that never dies right? so why cant we use magnets that repell each other to keep a wheel spinning or something like that?

    im sure it wouldnt be easy but if they worked on it and improved it, they could probably go somewhere with it
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    Believe us... every possible permutation of that idea has been tried and failed miserably.
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    No, they don't. As others have said, there is no such thing as a free lunch. The first law of thermodynamics applies.
    Force is not energy. Energy is force times distance. And when you move magnets back and forth, the energy is conserved. People have tried for hundreds of years to beat conservation of energy in this manner. It simply doesn't work.
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